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Policy Notification

By clicking the 'I Agree' button, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the policies set forth by your Testing Program. If you do not understand or agree to the policies set forth by your Testing Program, you may not continue through the scheduling process. Please contact your Testing Program with questions.

Data Privacy Notice

At Prometric, protection of your personal information, and making sure you understand how and why it is processed, is of paramount importance to us. As a data processor for your test sponsor, Prometric processes your personal information only for the purposes of registering and scheduling you for a test, administering that test, and processing the results. At no time will your personal information be used by Prometric for any other purpose without your permission. Your personal information, including your test results, will be provided to your test sponsor for the purposes of providing scores, certification, or other benefits to you. Prometric may also disclose your personal data to other Prometric entities for the purpose of providing you with testing information, administering the test, or processing your results. These Prometric entities may be located outside the country in which you take the test, and your personal information may be processed or stored there to provide results and information to your test sponsor. Adequate protection of your personal information is ensured at all Prometric entities.

You may access, limit the use of, or change your personal information by contacting your test sponsor during normal business hours. If you test with multiple test sponsors, Prometric may update your personal information for all test sponsors upon receipt of a change to your personal information. The above processing is necessary to administer a test to you, and we cannot register you for a test, if you do not agree to personal information processing by Prometric as described above. You will have to contact your test sponsor if you do not agree to this processing.

If you have questions about this notice or wish to discuss the contents further, please contact us at


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